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For Good Oral Health

  • Pre-Measured Mint Flavored Foil Packet.
  • Safe, Convenient, Moisture Proof.
  • Fast Acting And Thorough
  • Removes Tough Coffee, Tea, Iron And Nicotine Stains
  • Very Economical. Costs No More To Use Than Any Other Premium Cleaners
  • Used As Directed, Safe For All Dentures Including Soft Relines, Partial Dentures, And Orthodontic Appliances.*
  • Doctors - Also Excellent To Use In An Asepsis Control Program In The Ultrasonic To Clean The Patient's Prosthesis During The Office Visit.


Professional Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality dental laboratory and operatory supplies throughout the world. Although we offer several outstanding products for the general dentist and orthodontist, the majority of our offerings are devoted to the production and repair of removable prosthetic devices. We also currently manufacture and distribute several products for the consumer retail market including those that are beneficial to people with compromised immune systems.

Our Satisfied Customers

  • I like this so much I have reordered it. I use it for a night guard I wear while sleeping. In the morning when I get up I rinse it off with water and put it in the Smile Again solution to let it soak until I need the night guard for the next night. I change the Smile Again solution once a week. It is very easy to use....get a small bowl, add 1 cup of warm water, pour in the powdered solution, stir until the powder is dissolved and it is then ready to use.

    Chloe Stevens,

    Registered Dental Hygienist

    I drink red wine and black coffee every day. This is the best product to keep those store-bought pearly whites, pearly white. My teeth look just as nice as the day I got them. The grocery store's day-to-day tablets could not keep the stains at bay. This stuff works and the solution lasts 7 days.

    Todd Marshall,

    Satisfied Customer

  • My dad was given a sample packet of the Smile Again cleaner from his dentist when he got his new teeth. He and my mom decided to switch from what they had been using to Smile Again. Finding it on Dental Lab Products was very helpful and shipment was fast.. They are using it with the ultrasonic cleaner and a single packet can last several weeks which is great to save money.

    Stacy Miller,

    Satisfied Customer

    I was glad to find ProTech Denture Cleaner at a very reasonable price at Dental Lab Products- our dentist recommended it for my husband's partials and it is easy to prepare and use. Of course, the fast delivery was expected. He has been using this product for over a year and is very satisfied with the way it cleans and keeps your partials in excellent condition

    Sharon Block,

    Satisfied Customer

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