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Acrylic Polish & Hi Shine Bars

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  • Produces a Deeper Luster and Longer-Lasting Shine
  • Very Economical (A light brushing on a low speed rag wheel goes a long way)
  • Easy To Control - Eliminates Acrylic Burning
  • Great on Partial and Ortho Metal Too!

Red Hi-Shine Bar
1x +/-340g. BARS (weight taken with packaging) APHSR2 $78.95
3x +/-340g. BARS (weight taken with packaging) APHSR3 $201.95
Tan Hi-Shine Bar
1x +/-440g. BAR (weight taken with packaging) APHS2 $90.95
3x +/-440g. BARS (weight taken with packaging) APHS3 $230.95

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Tan Bars SDS

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