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Boil Out Compound

Boil Out Compound

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Specifically formulated to remove wax residue from flasks, and molds. Prevents wax build-up in the boil-out tank resulting in optimum tank efficiency, full tank life-span and no clogged spickets.

Directions: Completely clean the boil-out tank removing all accumulated wax deposits. Mix four (4) tablespoons of ProTech® Boil-Out Compound per gallon into the water of the boil-out tank. Add new compound each time the tank is refilled.

Warning: DO NOT USE ON ALUMINUM FLASKS! Use on aluminum flasks will result in black aluminum oxide deposits on the flask: If this occurs, the oxide can be removed with a good aluminum cleaner.

2.25 Kg. BOC11 $91.95
11.25 Kg. BOC12 $307.95
45 Kg. BOC13 $753.95

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